SWF Timeline Reconstruction with as3swf

In case you havent heard of it yet, as3swf is an ActionScript 3 library to parse and publish SWF files. It does that rather well by now, providing full roundtrip publishing, plus some neat extra features like shape export to AS3 Drawing API, AS3 GraphicsObjects, FXG, and Objective-C.

Whenever i find some free time i’m working on adding new, useful features. One feature of as3swf, that i haven’t talked about much yet but is implemented for quite a while already, is the reconstruction of timelines as you know them from Adobe’s Flash IDEs.

In the first place, timelines in as3swf help you to export and render layered animations. Having a long list of parsed SWF tags won’t help much if you want to export or render frame X, as the Flash Player would display it.

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