Real Coders do Assembly

So our Flash Commodore 64 emulator project, FC64, got nominated for the Flashforward Film Festival recently (read my previous post). The 60 finalists are given the opportunity to submit a 45 second trailer showcasing the work, that will be shown live in front of 1000 people at the ceremony.

I won’t spoil it so i won’t show the trailer here (you gotta wait until after the Flash Film Festival ceremony or better yet attend it to see it). What i can do though is – in the spirit of open source – show you the source code:

The trailer is written in 6502 assembly and runs in FC64 – a real ‘Demo’. It actually should run as is in the original C64 hardware, and in any other C64 emulator. If i ever find the time, i’m going to prepare a binary image to load it into other emulators.

By the way, FC64 features an assembler (the souce code above is loaded and compiled at runtime into the emulator), as well as a disassembler and debugger. This is currently not reflected in the emulator UI and undocumented. Plans are to make the UI a full featured IDE for developing stuff for the C64.

I had hell of a fun coding the trailer demo, and it put me right back in the mid 80es when i used to waste night after night coding on my beloved bread box. Ahhh, memories.. :)

Back to AS3 development now, listening to Depeche Modes ‘See You’. Ha :)