Flashconference 2007, May 4th, Stuttgart, Germany

Just to let you know that i’ll be speaking at the 9th annual Flashconference in Stuttgart, Germany on May 4th. My presentation is about the new Actionscript 3 Flash UI Components that come with Adobe Flash CS3. I’ll give an overview on what’s new, what’s different with respect to previous components sets and Flex, if and how to use them and how to skin and subclass them. I was part of the CS3 components dev team together with the guys at gskinner.com so hopefully i have some interesting things to show. If things work out well i’ll probably also be showing some FC64 stuff i was working on lately.

If you’re in central Europe early May, please drop by. Among others, Mario Klingemann, Andre Michelle, Peter Elst and Marcos Weskamp will be presenting, and as the flashconference is taking place as part of the fmx (“12th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Realtime and Content”, May 1st-4th), there’s almost a full week of top notch events to attend.

Check out the full schedule here.

I’ll stay in Germany for two weeks and will be traveling Munich, Stuttgart and Bremen, so if you like to meet, please drop me a line!