UGO and DENG on InfoWorld

InfoWorld has a five-page article online today, featuring a review of three XForms engines (DENG, Orbeon Integration Suite and PureEdge 8x Suite 2.6)

DENG is a marvelously clever client-side implementation of XForms — clever because it’s crafted largely in Flash, with a touch of ECMAScript. This means virtually any browser that supports Flash Player 6 (or better) can run DENG.

The article also includes a summary on UGO, a project devoted to help provide reliable standards support on all ECMAScript-like platforms like current web browsers or the Flash Player:

The beneficiary of this effort will be the user community. UGO is entirely open source. In addition, UGO will retain DENG’s wide deployment capability. For example, not only will you be able to deploy UGO in any browser implementing ECMAScript 3, but UGO will also run atop Macromedia’s Flash Player.