Goodies for Flex2 Developers

I was invited by Adobe to join them in San Francisco for the two day Adobe Component Developer Summit (ACDS) last month. The event was a blast to say the least, surely the best developer get-together i’ve been to ever. I got to finally meet people that i know for many years now but never met before (you know wo you are), and the presentations were all very solid.

Ted Patrick (he set the whole thing up and receives my special thanks once again: was great meeting you, Ted) announced today that the speakers made their slides (and sample code where applicable) available to the public. It’s absolutely a great resource for developers who want to get their feet wet with Flex 2, or who want to dig deeper. My personal favourite presentation was Gary Grossmans “ActionScript 3.0 and AVM2: Performance Tuning” [PDF].

Check out Ted’s post “Adobe Component Developer Summit – Slides and Examples” for the download links.

[Oh and by the way, in case you missed it, the price winning and dug Commodore C64 emulator project FC64 that Darron Schall and myself have been working on in our free time for a while now is an open source project so feel free to check out the sources to see how we did it. Maybe you even want to contribute.. please drop me or Darron a mail, we greatly apprechiate your input]