4 thoughts on “New DENG Build: 1.0.44

  1. Hi Claus, you’ve done a fantastic job on this. Though, I’ve a simple and tricky question.
    I use the DENG in a simple application. After the load and render of DENG’s I would like to make a resize, as it was an html page, it is working great with this code:


    But if I’ve an image, on resize, the image will have a distortion even when I put an like your example of image support. It seems like the image tries to follow the width of the deng movieclip. Can you give me an idea of how to fix this?

  2. > this.dengcontainer_mc.deng_mc.dom.size();

    You shouldn’t call DENG’s dom methods directly.

    Instead, try this:
    this.dengcontainer_mc.deng_mc.setSize(w, h)
    Let me know if that solves your problem.

  3. Claus & Deng Team – i just discovered DENG for XForms work – very impressed by your work and truly wish you further great success with this gem.

  4. Deng doesnt seem to support HTML with ImageMap and SVG with xlink. Or am I doing anything wrong?

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