DENG and OpenLaszlo

Inspired by a user i wrote a proof of concept DENG proxy today, to be used in OpenLaszlo applications.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install OpenLaszlo
  2. Create a folder “deng” in your my-apps folder ([openlaszlo]/Server/lps-3.1.1/my-apps)
  3. Download the DENG test application for OpenLaszlo and extract it into the folder you just created
  4. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/lps-3.1.1/my-apps/deng/deng.lzx

You should get a minimal application with buttons to load two test documents and to set the size of the rendered documents:

OpenLaszlo & DENG test application

I must admit i’m a OpenLaszlo newbie (installed it today for the first time), and the solution smells a bit like a hack (it certainly is). I also have no idea yet how to send events from DENG to the OpenLaszlo app. Any pointers highly apprechiated!

3 thoughts on “DENG and OpenLaszlo

  1. Claus, thanks for the update of proxy and your contribution at openlaszlo forum.

    In the openlaszlo script above I would delete the second line “simplelayout” which is redundant. Leaving this line in prevents view id=”deng_view” being repositioned on canvas with x and y attributes in view tag.

    Note that the rendered HTML is still visible in full height, when the doc is resized.

    This “bleeding” can be masked with views in openlaszlo canvas but it would be neater to truncate the HTML view when resizing the doc.

    Note that openlaszlo compiles an swf for use in other servers – Apache, IIS.

    Put proxied=”false” in the canvas tag.

    canvas width=”600″ height=”600″ proxied=”false

    This will compile deng.lzx.swf in same folder as deng.lzx app .. you can then rename compiled file … dengapp.swf
    But first I would change the name of your openlaszlo app from deng.lzx to something else .. to avoid overwriting your deng.swf!

    Read up on SOLO mode deployment in openlaszlo docs.

    More investigations to follow on how to pass DENG events back to openlaszlo.

  2. hi,

    nice work, it would be really useful if we can send events back to openlaszlo.

    i am wondering if we can input data into xhtml forms so that that data can be sent back to openlaszlo

    cheers prasanth

  3. Can you please contact me regarding commercial use of Deng and contracting your help. Thanks

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