New DENG Build: 1.0.43

[update: New DENG Build: 1.0.44]

I just published a new DENG build, that fixes some bugs and adds some minor features:

  • fixed: Memory leaks. Some object cross references prevented the DENG component from unloading.
  • fixed: Whitespace as first character in a block element with “white-space: normal” applied. Leading whitespace is now removed.
  • fixed: _level0 references and callbacks in deng.swf made it difficult to load DENG into custom Flash projects.
  • added: Support for <ul />. Unordered lists now display a bullet as marker.
  • added: Support for <br />. The line break tag now defaults to “display: block”.

As we are slowly moving to a different hosting, the sources are currently not available from CVS.

DENG 1.0.43 sources:

I also published a demo showing how to use DENG with Flash projects compiled with Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 or MTASC, and how to use a standard vertical scrollbar (here: UIScrollBar v2 component) with DENG.


By the way, the DENG support forum moved:


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  1. yes, it is (just the example fla is a mx 2004 fla, but it could as well be flash 6)

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