FZip, AIRRemoteUpdater Upgraded for AIR Beta 2

Just a quick FYI: FZip and AIRRemoteUpdater upgrades for AIR Beta 2 are now available for download.

FZip now uses ByteArray.uncompress(CompressionAlgorithm.DEFLATE) instead of the now deprecated ByteArray.inflate(). I also tweaked FZip to throw an exception when a parsing error occurs and no event listener is registered for FZipErrorEvent.PARSE_ERROR events.

AIRRemoteUpdater now gets the local descriptor XML via Shell.shell.applicationDescriptor which was added in AIR Beta 2, and uses the upgraded FZip sources.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you run into any problems with this new release.

17 thoughts on “FZip, AIRRemoteUpdater Upgraded for AIR Beta 2

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  2. i keep getting errors with the shell…
    1119: Access of possibly undefined property applicationDescriptor through a reference with static type flash.system:Shell.

  3. I cannot seem to get the FZip library to work in Moxie (Flex Builder 3). Flex Builder 3 is telling me that the older syntax is right, I get two errors: “Access of undefined property CompressionAlgorithm” and “Incorrect number of arguments” for the byte array’s “uncompress” method. I tried taking out the argument and reverting to the old syntax for CompressionAlgorithm, and Flex Builder thinks it’s ok, but when I compile and test I get runtime errors.
    I assume it has something to do with the Flex SDK? Any suggestions?

    Great project, by the way.

  4. Why do I use FZIP load at the beginning of the runtime errors, some time is not errors, that is the time when the zip open: (

  5. Good morning!

    Could you update the library to support AIR beta 3? I’m really use it in my app, so I’ll be glad to see it updated.

    Thank you!

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  7. I am getting a runtime error when I use it in Flex3 Beta 3 and AIR Beta3 saying ‘Error: This method is not supported if application is launched from ADL.’.

    Is the library updated for AIR beta 3?It’ll be of great help!


  8. Hi Claus,

    i think i found the problem so far. The FZipFile.as class in the air remote updater zip file are not the same as in the FZip classes archive.

    private var parseState:Namespace = fileHead; ( ;/ )


    private var parseFunc:Function = parseFileHead; ( ;) )

    correct me if i’am wrong?

    Cheers, Sven from the flexug HH meeting

  9. getting null values after 2.5.. its a great lib so i want to keep on using, any suggestions?

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