FZip Update

We just released an update for FZip (the Actionscript 3 class library to load standard ZIP archives and extract/decompress contained files):

  • Added support for Adobe Air. The Adobe Air runtime provides a low level inflate method, making it possible to load any ZIP archive and decompress compressed files without the need of injecting Adler32 checksums.
  • Added FZipLibrary class for higher level access to files in a ZIP archive. “FZipLibrary processes files (based on file extensions) from an FZip instance and converts them into usable formats. Files can be converted to either a BitmapData or DisplayObject classes. Data embedded in SWF files (like classes) can also be retrieved. Flash’s built-in Loader class is used to convert formats, so the only formats currently supported are ones that Loader supports. As of this writing they are SWF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.”
  • Bug fix: There was a problem with filenames containing special characters. Filename encoding now defaults to UTF-8. In case the filenames are encoded differently in your ZIP, you can specify the encoding in the FZip constructor.

Special thanks to Daniel Wabyick at Adobe for contributing the Adobe Air support!



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  4. Hi Claus, I know this message may seem late, but I have been searching for solutions for packaging large amounts of xml files or even compressing them. The fZip seems to be an obvious solution, however for the life of me I cannot get it working. I have all of the files in the proper order, but no luck. I’ve even referenced the code snippets that I’ve found here and there but still no luck. Though I have been developing Flash for a few years now, I am not real good with packages. I understand them and all, but I’m probably missing something simple. Could possibly send me an example .fla that shows fZip working? I’m sure you are a busy person, but I would greatly appreciate any help that you may be able to offer.


  5. hi all………….
    Well i am developing a Flashlite application that supports as2 so can you help me out how to read a zip file in as2…………

  6. hi. i was wondering how come there’s no way to assign a loader context to the fzip object. it seems the zip file absolutely has to be on the same domain as the swf…

  7. The update mentioned that the problem with filenames containing special characters has been fixed. However, I am still seeing weird characters in filenames, instead of Chinese. I have tried specifying “utf-8” in the FZip constructor and got the latest swc. Any idea?

  8. Sharon, the ZIP format generally doesn’t handle filenames in non-UTF8 encodings well, the spec is quite fuzzy about that.

    I haven’t been able to test ZIP archives with filenames containing chinese characters yet.. if you like, you could send me a test archive that fails in FZip (claus at codeazur dot com dot br) and i’ll take a look.

  9. Thanks for Claus’ help. This turns out to be Windows problem. Extracting the zip file in Mac (English OS) or using 7-Zip on Windows shows the correct file name in Chinese.

  10. Note: I had to download the latest 7-Zip 9.20 in order to work. My previous 4.97 version didn’t work.

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