In case you were wondering what i have been working on in the last few months (and what will keep me busy in the coming months).. AUPEO! is a brand new platform that combines music and community – online, offline, on the road, on the web, on your desktop, on your devices.

I can’t tell too much just yet but i think it’s safe to say that it’s going to seriously rock the tardis. It will feature an open REST API for your integration pleasures, it will come with a super sweet AIR application that i am sure you will love (not only because it will be 100% open sourced), and the site (handcrafted in Rails and designed by one of the coolest design houses in the universe) is definately going to please your eyes and ears.

Be one of the first to play with it, sign up for the closed beta today!


6 thoughts on “AUPEO!

  1. Hello Claus – could you share the name of that design house? I am looking for top designers…


    = Dirk

  2. Wow, was this the last 5-letter domain name or something? I haven’t seen too many worse ones…but I guess I can’t be too critical, I work on a site called ‘vyew’ :P

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