My Search Engine Friendly Flash Site

I am currently working on a unobtrusive method to deploy Flash on top of XHTML websites. The method is based on a simplified version of the sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) JavaScript code. It solves several problems Flash developers have to deal with when deploying Flash:

  • Search Engine friendly
  • Permalink friendly
  • Unobtrusive Flash detection/integration
  • <embed> issue in XHTML
  • 100% height issue in XHTML

The main idea is to show a Flash version of the site if and only if the user has JavaScript, CSS and Flash enabled in her browser, and show the original XHTML document otherwise. If the user’s browser qualifies for showing Flash content, the XHTML document is loaded back from the Flash movie and serves as the data provider.

A beta version of this method is available here:

The code is tested in the following browsers so far:

  • Firefox (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • IE 6 (Windows)
  • Opera 7.* (Windows)

I know the code is still with problems on Safari. If you’re on a Mac and have some minutes, could you be so kind and debug the JavaScript on Safari? I have no Mac here to test, and it would help me a lot as i want the code to be fully crossbrowser. Thanks a lot!

3 thoughts on “My Search Engine Friendly Flash Site

  1. I tried it on firefox 1.0.1 on windows, and I get the heading “My Search Engine Friendly Flash Site” and then a big blank flash movie with two icons in the bottom right & the text “Stage size: 1063 x 721”

    i checked view source, and there is some content inside of ‘s, but they don’t show up for me

  2. david,
    that’s expected behaviour.
    the flash movie is merely a dummy yet,
    i’m focussing on the flash detection/integration at the moment.

  3. This is a smart use of the sIFR.
    The SWF url & bgcolor should however de defined in the HTML.

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