3 thoughts on “Holding A Program In One’s Head

  1. I totally agree, and normal hours don’t always work for the creativity needed to get through these “zone” coding sessions. If I have nothing stopping me I can get done in 2 days what might otherwise take me 2 months if I don’t control the schedule. It is all about the zone baby. btw i didn’t realize you did the C64 emulator, damn man nice work I bet that was a 36 hour thing.

  2. Thanks Ryan, yes FC64 is one of those projects “driven by enthusiasm”. I co-developed it together with Darron Schall. We had helluva fun :)

  3. The whole “holding a program in your head” is sooooo me ;-)
    I hardly ever write one line of code before I have visualized the whole thing in my head..

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