DENG is back!

The DENG Modular XML Browser project finally has a new home. Over the last two years, i switched hostings twice (don’t ask), and DENG was scattered all over the internets, and many things got lost.

I finally sat down to clean up the mess and everything is in one place again. The project homepage features a small news section, the feature matrix, examples (i’ll add more every now and then, so be sure to check back), downloads (includes examples on how to integrate DENG into your Flash projects and HTML pages as well as the source code of course) and support (you can support us by donating via PayPal now, and we can support you via our forum and mailinglist, and we offer individual support too).

Nothing terribly new there, but i thought i let you know.

I’m working on DENG 2.0 (Actionscript 3 implementation) whenever i find some free time, so stay tuned. May take a while yet though until i have something halfway meaningful to show.

5 thoughts on “DENG is back!

  1. How can I help? I’d like to get this thing rolling and rather then just converting everything from deng1 to as3. I thought I’d just offer to help because I know you’ve already started. I have a few things I need this for and am willing to put in the time.

  2. Can you be induced monetarily to move this along ? Like Tyler i have an application for this and i havent found good alternatives.

  3. Any update on this one?
    Currently im trying to embed deng into my as3 project.
    it renders html background no problem, but text is invisible.

  4. If this project is still going, would you be interested in uploading it to a google code project and allowing other developers to work on it? I find this very interesting, and would be willing to contribute to it’s success. Nice work.

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